Real after-sales service is measured not in the number of promises, but in:


Tractor companies will promise you after-sales service. But how long will it take for their mechanics to arrive, if they arrive at all?

FTPI has 7 company-owned sales outlets in the country, 6 of which are also company-owned service centers. We have more than 50 in-house mechanics ready to respond to customers’ service requests.

Take a look at the list of our branches to know how we will be able to arrive on your site in the same day or the next day from the time of your service request.

We can guarantee you that FTPI has the quickest response time in the country. Ask our customers and they will tell you how we always arrive in record time!

No tractor brand is perfect. Each brand, no matter how popular, will encounter its own problems over the course of operation. Does your tractor company have the capability to repair your units when you need them the most or will they simply avoid your calls?

FTPI develops its talents in-house. To make sure that we can repair your tractor in the shortest time possible, we require our suppliers to conduct annual trainings for our mechanics. These trainings are held in our local branch offices. This ensures that our mechanics are regularly updated with the best ways to maintain our tractors.

Our customers are usually invited to attend our annual trainings to receive the information first-hand. Our best customers are even visited by our suppliers to personally talk to them about product quality.

We can guarantee you that FTPI has the shortest repair time in the industry. Ask our customers and they will tell you how our mechanics are tractor surgeons!

On top of the fact that FTPI has a gazillion mechanics, FTPI also has 95% of the spare parts for its tractors in stock. Its customers never have to wait for parts to become available. They are never forced to look for spare parts elsewhere. What’s more, FTPI offers its spare parts at very affordable prices to lower customers’ annual maintenance expenses.

We can guarantee you that when it comes to spare parts, FTPI has the widest inventory and the best price. Ask our customers and they will tell you how our outlets are always stocked with affordable spares!