As we crossed over to the 21st century, majority of manufacturing firms moved their operations to low-cost countries; a practice known as low-cost country sourcing (LCCS). Agricultural machinery businesses were no exception. Manufacturing was moved to China, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, and other low-cost countries.

Today, the biggest tractor companies have established operations in at least one low-cost country to better serve price-sensitive markets. You will be surprised to learn that your “American”, “German”, or “Japanese” tractor is now actually produced in China, India, or Thailand! Make sure your tractor supplier provides you the correct information.

Ford Tractor Philippines (FTPI) combines the muscle of Western technology and the frugality of low-cost manufacturing to provide products that give you the best value for your money. It is true that low-cost countries are plagued with cheap manufacturers, and this has resulted to a stereotype of poor quality. However, these countries are also home to some global corporations that have successfully competed internationally.

One such corporation is YTO Group in China. In fact YTO is the corporation. It is China’s first and biggest manufacturer of agricultural machinery, successfully adopting Italian and British technology for their products. As this global giant has been in the tractor business since 1955, they now supply about 70% of China’s tractor requirements and export to more than 100 countries. With credentials like this, YTO is undisputed as China’s best manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

Seeing the opportunity to provide European technology at more competitive prices, FTPI took the initiative. FTPI has been distributing YTO tractors in the Philippines since 2008. Since then, the YTO tractors have proved their power, with continued support from FTPI. Ask our customers about YTO! Or better yet, look at how their units are still running like stallions on steroids.

The minimum lifespan of a well‐maintained tractor is 20 years. Some champion farmers can make their tractors run for as much as 50 years!

The solution? Proper tractor maintenance.

So you’re looking for a tractor and you happen to like that beautiful new tractor in the showroom. Most salesmen will tell you anything to get that Purchase Order. You start to reach for your checkbook. BUT you’re no fool, because you think long-term. Six important questions enter your mind:

“Where are your service centers and how many mechanics do you have?”

“Do you own your service centers, or do you outsource to other service providers?”

“Do your mechanics specialize in tractors, or do they specialize in other machines?”

“Do your tractor mechanics have expertise specific to the brand of tractor that you sell?”

“Are your spare parts readily available or do you have to order them via air frieght?”

“Are your spare parts affordable or do you charge excessive amounts to the customer?”

Selling tractors is the easy part. First step, import tractor. Second step, hire sales agents. Job done.

Maintaining tractors, on the other hand, is a whole different ballgame. This is where you separate the men from the boys. Real farmers will know.

Maintenance spells the difference between productivity and stagnation. No matter how expensive your new tractor is, you will encounter trouble with it and when you do, if your supplier does not come to fix it and provide spare parts, that thing will only be as good as an oversized paperweight.

Proper after-sales service will protect your business and your hard-earned investment. You should invest only in a company that can give you the support you need.

FTPI holds the essential elements to keep your tractors running for a loooooooonnng time: 1) trained mechanics and 2) available spare parts.

FTPI has more than 50 mechanics in company-owned service centers in Tarlac, Isabela, Cebu, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao. These bad boys are certified diesel mechanics and have years of experience with many different brands of tractors, not to mention they undergo regular training for all of FTPI’s products.To make things sweeter, we stock 95% of the spare parts for our machines and offer them at affordable prices.

We guarantee you that no other tractor supplier can make your tractors run for a longer period. We guarantee you that no other tractor supplier can make the same commitment to you and your livelihood.

Some companies only focus on sales. Indeed, customers can count on them to do a good job of selling. But when the time comes that the customers need service, these customers will be left to dry. Trust us, we’ve heard stories of entire fleets of shiny new tractors rotting in sheds. It’s money down the drain.

Ford Tractor Philippines partners with you to make sure you are able to make full use of your tractors for a long long time. We will always be there to support you and your business.

Ordering a tractor or any other machine is simple! These are the basic steps:

  1. Call our office. Our friendly staff is ready to accommodate you Mondays to Saturdays, 8 to 5pm.
  2. Ask for a quotation. Discussing the cost is best done personally because there are many factors to consider in setting the price. It’s better if you visit us so you can see the machines.
  3. Agree on terms. All details should be cleared up such as add-ons, special configurations, delivery, warranty, payment terms, etc.
  4. Place your payment. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, cheque, or bank deposit.
  5. Receive the machine. Our staff will deliver the machine to your site and test it to make sure it is in perfect condition. You will be required to sign off on the machine.
  6. Undergo training. Our staff will train your operators on how to make the machine work best for you.
  7. Service requests. Just call our office and a mechanic will be scheduled to see you immediately!